SERVICE PHONE +86-0415-4013100
    Since 1997, Dandong Wulongbei Yinhe Auto Maintenance Equipment Co., Ltd. has been specializing in manufacturing auto repair and maintenance (ARM) products, as well as car stacker systems. We proudly own a professional R&D team that is dedicated to the technical innovation and the improvement of product quality. Our customers include garages, bus companies, logistics companies, 4S car shops, People's Liberation Army General Logistics Department. We also have rich experience in researching and developing products for specific use according to customers’ needs. So far, we have developed eight major series of products, including 1) car lifts, 2) heavy duty lifts, 3) trench lifts, 4) engine repairers, 5) engine changers, 6) engine and auto parts cleaners, 7) calibrators and testing machines, 8) car stacker systems. Thanks to the persistence of our team of engineers and technicians, Yinhe has won a good reputation in China’s ARM industry and is now a leading manufacturer of ARM products in Northeast China.


SERVICE PHONE +86-0415-4013100



Add:Wulongbei, Dandong, Liaoning, People’s Republic of China


丹东市 五龙背银河汽车保修设备有限公司
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